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Japanese flat image of a Christian symbol, usually the crucifixion, designed to be stepped on. Suspected Christians were required to step on the representation of Jesus or the Virgin Mary to prove that they were not believers. At one point in Japan, Christians were persecuted by the Shogunate, because the Japanese feared that the influence of Christianity would make Japan too westernized. To be a Shintoist was to be loyal to Japan.

(fumi 'stepping-on' + e 'picture')
Fumi-e is pronounced "foo-mee-EH."
by ♫ Highway to Hell ♫ July 25, 2011
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One who highly annoys the people around them. These people take pleasure in making others angry for no reason.

See: Bitch, Stank Ass Ho, Slut, Asshole, Troll
Person 1: Hey, I forgot my wallet at home. Do you mind paying for lunch?
Person 2: God, that's the second time you've 'forgot your wallet' in the past week. You're such a fucking Fumie.
by Ditno June 06, 2011
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fumie comes from the figure skater Fumie Siguri from Japan. She is pretty lucrative and wack so you can use the work Fumie to describe crazy antics and objects.
yo friday night was so fumie! you just pulled a fumie. your sweater is definitly fumie. that was soooo FUMIE!
by pcfsc November 23, 2004
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