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Ok... so here it goes: The Full moon party is basically a "rave" that goes on every night of the Full Moon on the island of Koh Phangan, in Thailand. So every month, you have loads of tourists who invade the beach of Haad Rin to party all night. It's a fun night, but it's a really overrated party! Easy place to score with swedish/canadian/ australian/dutch/japanese and spanish girls.. Beware of the bucket!! Beware also of the water, as thousands of guys have peed in it in the last hours...
(real story)
-Hi, My name is Klara, I'm swedish, and I'm really drunk... do you want to have sex?
-You really want to sleep with me, even if we are halfway around the world, and we have never met??
-Are you gonna shut up or are we gonna have sex
- I loooove the full moon party! Let's go to my bungalow biznatch!
by P-Y-M-P April 20, 2006
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