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Fucking Ugly Bugger

Based upon the word fugly meaning 'fucking ugly'-about as ugly as is humanly possible, this term is a simple rhyming extension. Perhaps the bugly refering to the Disney classic 'Ugly Bug Ball'.

Ths phrase is sometimes deemed as mildly immature, however users of this phrase are often not quite as grotesque as the targeted recepient.

A Fugly Bugly is usually an Pariah(outcast) in society, as it rightly should be.

Do not be fooled by their 'Bubbly' nature, it may be an attractive quality, but they are still fucking ugly buggers.

Under no circumstances should you ever fornicate with a Fugly Bugly. Genocide is progress.

That Girl is a Fugly Bugly

I wouldn't touch that Fugly Bugly with a bargepole,
by MagicPatMarker September 26, 2006
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