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A very intelligent male that loves to Drink wine while listening to either oldies, rock, or or Modern Rock, and is drop dead gorgeous. When you don't know him, he looks like a person that would be kind of scary to meet, then when you get to know him, thats when all your thoughts about him change. He will be the most friendliest guy you'll ever meet and you will love him to the very end. Its almost impossible to get mad at him since hes one of the types of people that doesn't like to be mean unless forced too. A fuforall is also known as a Fufferz, Fuffers, FUF, and Fuffy. Often at most times you can't tell what hes thinking as he keeps feelings to himself unless he knows you. Hes charming, lovely, nice, inteligent, OUT RIGHT SMART, and full hearted.
Fuforall and Teckerz will be going to the Loudness concert tomorrow evening in nothing but underwear.

Fuforall loves red wine the most out of all wines.

Fuffy was talking to charmer throughout the day.

Fuf decided to buy some new clothing at the store down the street from him.
by Teckerz March 24, 2010
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