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1.A man who considers his anus a vagina
2.An anus which has been used as or objectified as a vaginal cavity.
1."Man, what a total fudgecunt that guy was."
2."Jeesus my fudgecunt is leaking blood and pus again. It looks like a beef & cheddar sandwich that got left out in the rain"
by Billy Blackgoat February 02, 2007
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Describes the cunt of a woman who has been fucked in the ass, decides its uncomfortable and like a total bitch, makes the guy switch to regular intercourse before he can finish, thus his poop dick in her vagina = FUDGE CUNT. half way through she made me switch back. Oh well, jokes on her, shes fudge cunted now. theres no way her pink taco's gunna smell normal for at least a few days.
by Mumbar Bunjavai October 13, 2007
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