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The act of doing something so incredibly stupid that it is almost unbelieveable. Commonly seen in attention whores and people who lack the basic intelligence to be interesting in their own right.

Acts of fuckwitticism include making up ridiculous stories that are easily proven to be false or performing attention grabbing stunts which entail consequences that greatly outweigh the pros of being noticed for five minutes.

Bill: Oh, I got a picture message of Toni naked. She's sent it to everyone she knows.
Ted: That's possibly the biggest act of fuckwitticism I've seen. Clearly the pros of attention outweigh the negativity of appearing to be a slut?

Bill: Oh Toni told me she was in France this week.
Ted: But she told me she's in Norfolk?!
Marvin: I rang her home and her mother said she was there. I think it's just her fuckwitticism coming through attempting to make her seem interesting.
by Itchy_gums August 10, 2010
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