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Definition #1: A metropolis or other type of city that one views as a really fucked up place to be for one reason or another.

Definition #2: A company, organization, or any other type of workplace that breeds stupid/shitty people, workflows, practices or other types of fuckery on a continuous basis. In this definition, working in a fucktropolis will lead to fuckophrenia.
Example for Definition #1: "I hate this fucktropolis. There are too many people, the air is smoggy and there's too much traffic."


"I hate this fucktropolis. The nearest store is 5 miles away, there's nowhere to go and nothing to do but fuck your own cousin."

Example for Definition #2: "I hate working at this fucktropolis! Nobody knows how the fuck to do their jobs, then everybody expects me to clean up their shit. They don't pay me enough for this bullshit!"
by Magic Style May 04, 2010
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