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The anthropologically correct pronunciation of a popular hamburger restaurant chain found all over the United States.
Cashier: Hello sir, what can I get for you?

Michael: Hmm... I'm not sure, what's your most popular burger here at Fuckrudders?

Cashier: Ermm.. it's actually pronounced Fuddr-

Michael: -shut the fuck up bitch, I'm an anthropology major, I think I'd know my shit on this kind of thing better than you would. Just LAWL at you actually trying to correct ME of all people on this. I swear to God if you even THINK about 'correcting' me again I will blow your fucking brains out. ::pulls .45 caliber Springfield XD handgun out of waistband and points it at her forehead::

Cashier: ::shrieks in horror:: OH MY GOD. UMMMmmm.. ummm.. our 'Southwest Burger' is pretty popular I guess. Would you like one of those? ::sweats nervously::

Michael: NO. I'm vegan. Sigh. I fucking hate this place. Meat is murder. etc

Cashier: LOL, phewwww ::relaxes and wipes sweat off forehead:: and here I was thinking I might actually get shot to death hahaha. Whew, good thing it turns out you're just some vegan hipster. Weeeee. Looks like I have nothing to worry about here after all. weeeeee!

Michael: BUT! BUT ummm this is like a real gun and stuff, you should do as I say!! Stop ignoring me! Just cuz I'm vegan doesn't mean I'm a pussy! C'mon! Obey me woman!!!

Cashier: LOLLLLL lololol... ::ignores Michael/remains completely unconcerned, now that she knows he's just some weak ass vegan::

Michael: ::sulks and drives off in his Prius::
by Anthrogangsta June 15, 2011
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