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An insult usually said or directed towards your close friend. Preferably Vietnamese friend.
Also usually used to just curse at anyone who are friends with any Vietnamese.

This can also be compared to people saying Hi Mang because that is how a Vietnamese say Hi to their friends.

Or also compared to people saying "Jesus Christ, I got dumped". Fucken Beng! is curse words as a whole.
It is thought to be first mentioned by the Australian Born Vietnamese that wanted to make fun of their mainlander Vietnamese counterparts.

In short you are Vietnamizing a word or a name. and then use it as an insult.
1. I hurt my toe.. Fucken Beng!

2. FUCKEN BENG! Are you unskilled and unaware of it?

3. It has to be something about arrogance......Fucken Beng!
by Beng Ho November 15, 2009
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