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When telling somebody off, especially those who offend you in all senses (odour, appearance, tone of voice, impression of Tony Danza, etc.) you can say "Fuck you and your horse!" This basically states that you hate everything about them, because the "horse" is an analogy for what they bring with them. This meaning is strong mostly because you also hate their "horse" just because they own it, and for no other reason. You can also add-on things that they like, do, or carry around with them, this adds a personalization.
You:"Oh shit it's Johnson. I hate that guy."
Friend:"You should tell him off."
You:"Hey, Johnson!"
You:"Fuck you and your horse."
Friend:"And your fucking coffee!"

<A man budges you in line at the supermarket>
You: Hey <taps guy on shoulder> You budged me.
Guy:Yeah, so what?
You: So fuck you and your horse. Back of the line, asshole.

<A person is next to you on the transit, talking on the phone way too loud>
You:Hey, Chatty Kathy!
CK: one sec-- Yeeah?
You: Fuck you, your horse, and your cell phone.
by off.a.plane June 01, 2010
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