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The only day of the week where fucking your friends is totally acceptable.

(There's also: Molest A Friend Monday, Touch A Friend Tuesday, Get Whipped Wednesday, Tap a Tit Thursday, and Get Slapped Saturday.)
Your friend (on saturday):"Did you and Sam fuck yesterday?"

You: "Yeah, I don't like him, but it WAS fuck a friend friday."
by FTWb1+cH December 15, 2011
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Celebrated on the Third Friday in June. It is the one day of the year in wich you can hit up a friend you’ve always been attracted to and ask to fuck. This is wothout consequence or messing up relations or friend groups. Totally guilt free friend sex.
Friend 1: hey what’s up wyd tonight

Friend 2: nothin just chillin hbu?

Friend1: tbh nothin. I’ve always wanted to ask you this... wanna fuck?

Friend 2: omg thought you’d never ask. It is Fuck a friend Friday!
by PreMalone June 17, 2018
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