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Fuck Ro Dah, or Dofukiin, is a sexual act that is themed after the popular "Edler Scrolls V: Skyrim" video game.

While having sexual intercourse with your partner, in the standard missionary or doggy style, just as you're about to reach your climax shout at the top of your lungs "FUS RO DAH!" Just as you say the 'Dah' part, thrust your hips as hard as you can towards them, causing them to either hit their head on the wall or get launched completely off the bed.

As an added feature you can have a buddy standing outside the door, and when he hears your victorious shout, he bursts through the door chanting the lyrics that follow the shout in the theme song.
John: You're NOT gonna believe what I just pulled last night!


John: I straight up pulled a "Fuck Ro Dah" on my girl, I damn near shouted her ass off bed and out the window!
by JohnnyJackme January 12, 2012
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