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AKA, Futs-Lung, an ancient Chinese dragon that guards all the hidden treasures deep within the earth. He possesses a magic pearl that multiplies when touched (since the pearl represents wisdom, it is considered the most valuable of all his treasures).

It takes 3,000 years for Futs-Lung to grow to his terrific adult size. Newly hatched, he looks much like an eel. By 500 years of age, Futs-Lung has grown a head that resembles a carp's. By his 1,500th birthday, he will grow a long tail, a head with a thick beard, and four stumpy legs with claws. At the age of 2,000, Futs-Lung will have horns.
Once you touch the Fucanglong's pearl it will start to multiply and you'll end up having more pearls.
by Nordicdragon July 04, 2018
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