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A mysterious, mythical and strange creature which usually goes by the name of Frosty, but is also referred to as Frysto. Rumour has it that Frysto has kidnapped many Canadian men, and done some disturbing things to them.. The female version of the Frysto is called a Relsto, and it equally as dangerous. Frysto contains many dark powers, which include hypnotising ramen noodle hairs into a enchanted love with him. He will use the ramen noodle hairs for many inappropriate activities before wiping their brains and sending them back to where they came from. This is how the noob originated, after their brains had been washed by Frysto. It is recommended to always avoid the Frysto, as you never know what dark powers he will use on you.. especially if there is a bed nearby...
Person1: Apparently the Frysto has been and stolen Canadian men again..
Person2: I hope he didn't find my granddad..
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by Amy8648 May 10, 2018
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