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Fruhmuhnda Cheese is the accumulation of pure griminess(90% sweat and an equal part left over poop residue) in the area spanning from the back side of your ball sack,all the way to your butthole! This area is commonly known as the DMZ,Bonch,Taint,Gooch,etc! Fruhmuhnda Cheese can be found in both males and females alike,but looks and smells 10x worse in females because of all the juices that flow as well as the folds that keep it all in!!
James: Yo Flip,dude.......we've been on this OP for at least 13 hours now and theres no end to it in sight so youre just going to have to hang tight!

Flip:Bro,not only am I about to literally shit my pants,but I havent showered in over a week and my Fruhmuhnda Cheese is OUT OF CONTROL and smells so bad that even the Iraqi's are starting to look at me funny! And Im starting to get so chaffed that Im on the verge of not being able to walk!

James:Dude,Im so sorry,but duty calls and were not comin off this rooftop! Go poop in the corner,I got your six!

James: FRUH....

Flip: MUHN...

James: DUH.....

by James and Flip-Flip October 14, 2010
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