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A frozen high five is, in context, a high five given bewteen two people on a really cold day, preferably at night when it is even colder. Ideal conditions for this is to have the temperate be around or less than 36 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason for this extremely cold weather is that for some unknown reason, when it is really cold that the fingertips of the finger feel frozen, and the hand slaps something, it becomes really painful. There are two types of frozen high fives, one is like a regular high five, in which the two people high five each other. The other is not given like a high five at all and is given by having two people stand far enough apart, so that when their hands are fully extended, the palms meet, then the two people pull their hands back (while still fully extended) and slam the palm of the hand against the opposing palm as hard as possible. This method is the most painful of the two.
(On a 36 degree night)
Gary: High-five!
Andrew: Okay.
Gary and Andrew: Oww!
(3 minutes later)
(the second method of a frozen high five is given)
Gary and Andrew: OWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!
(both collapse on the floor in pain)
by Thyker October 14, 2006
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