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Member of a vocation founded upon specialized educational training through experience while also taking on full advantages to that job, even so to a illegal extent. A Fropessional's job to them means a lot more than the job itself, but also the side-job. A frolicker at Heart, open-minded who has obtained a degree in a professional field yet practices pushing the limits with their own tint of the profession they are in discreetly. The term Fropessional is used more generally to denote a white collar working person (which might have a 'Fro' or 'Afro Power'), or a person who performs commercially in a field typically reserved for hobbyists or amateurs. The acronym "Frop", which also signifies "For Rich Or Poor", and the attitude the Fropessional carries to their work-ethics i.e. never to exclude the poor. "Frop", also being a "synonym" for drop, it can also signify the unpredictable nature of such a person dropping by(for selfish reasons). Dropping by also applies to Prostitutes...
Fropessional: "Honey, gotta go to work"
Husband: "Be a baker out there now"
Fropessional: "I will..."

at the Bakery...
Fropessional: "Listen Kid, you got the cash? My Weed Farm in the back isn't gonna hold out for long if i don't get the money, my kids, their future..."
Dealer: "Relax, i got it, you've got it covered, no one'll notice it in a bakery!"
Fropessional: "Go, Go, Go, gotta do my work now..."
Student: "Don't worry, you are a true Froppessional :)"
by Aeonitis June 17, 2010
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