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The Frogrus is said to be a mythical creature with long eyelashes, rosey cheeks, red lips, a mustache and beard, paw-like hands, a tail thats flat at the end, green skin, and sports a Santa hat.
The Frogrus has a beautiful singing voice. It's mouth is usually open, square, and with teeth clenched (except when singing).
The Frogrus can appear magically out of the ground and somehow know everybodys name.
You can find the Frogrus in Charlie The Unicorn 2.
Charlie The Unicon 2 viewer- "Dude, there was this thing, in Charlie The Unicorn 2, I think that guy must have had a serious trip when he thought him up."

Know-It-All- "I believe you're refering to the Frogrus."
by Ashley_Wilson August 18, 2008
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