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A smoking term. A Frog on a Lily is a piece packed half-way with green then a thick strip of hash on top. Use enough hash to just barely cover the top. Instead of a wrap A Frog on a Lily is only used with Water Pipes and Bubblers. The term is derived from a "Snake in the Grass", a rolled out line of hash in a joint or blunt, but the hits are more phenomenal this way.
Cheryl: How are we going to mix this hash with weed

David: We could make a Snake in the Grass but we only have this bong.

Cheryl: Let's just pack it half-way then put it on top.

David: Oh shit, it looks like a Frog on a Lily!

Cheryl: (Lighter flick) That hit just took something out of me. I've never felt a sensation so astounding.
by RuffRawlie December 10, 2011
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