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The delicious and nutritious dough, made famous by the hero of Middle Earth, used for baking in hobbit cooking. The main recipe is composed of all the delicious ingredients the Shire has to offer: water, dirt, grass, wood chips, pumpkins, and, last but not least, more dirt. Also available in Frodough ice-cream.
Mother: Hey, sweetie? im heading out to the store. Do you need anything from there?

Son: Yeah! Can you get us some more FODOUGH?!

Mother: Sure thing hun. What kind do you want? Aragorn Candycorn frodough? balrog-nut-crunch? strawberry gollum surprise? or Helm's Deep-chocolate?

Son: Balrog-nut-crunch?

Mother: Sure thing sweetie-pie.
by Multi-Fold Towels August 22, 2011
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