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A mix between an afro and a mohawk.
I have the kind of hair to grow an afro but instead I chose to grow a mohawk and somehow the word fro hawk just popped up
by Jusrin January 15, 2006
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A poofy mohawk that black people can make with their afro.
Isaiah Nevins is the creator of the Frohawk.
by The Gwito-Optomy November 06, 2003
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an afro that has been shaved into a mohawk, such that the height of the afro is still present
The man had a frohawk
by margoline February 21, 2012
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The African American version of the popular white hairstyle, the mohawk. Consists of on straight ridge of hair descending down from the front of the head to the crown.
Mr. T has the most pronounced fro-hawk in all Hollywood.
by Benaiah December 13, 2004
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fro hawk is a mohawk without shaved sides just cut a lot shorter than normal
front man from Bleeding Through has a fro hawk in a way lol, just a diferent look than a normal mohawk all faned out with shaved sides
by matt_92508 April 09, 2006
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A frohawk is an African-American hairstyle worn predominately by men. The Frohawk can be characterized as somewhere between a flat top and a mohawk; they are usually worn short, but fairly wide. Frohawk's are currently very popular despite the impracticality of the hair-do.
Joey got a Frohawk because Dante, Mike and all the other guys on his team had them. He should have gotten The Frederick Douglass because it's way more fly AND practical. He wouldn't have to shave off a Frederick Douglass for his office job this summer.
by Erika B September 24, 2009
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