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The Friendly Derby is a football match between rival Merceyside clubs, Everton FC and Liverpool FC. Sometimes referred to as the Merceyside Derby or in Liverpool simply as the Derby. Unlike people from London or Manchester, Scousers respect each other regardless of football club and get along well together. Sections for each club will exist at these matches, but there is a good deal of intermingling. This could not happen at other derbies. As long as both clubs are in the English Premier League, there are two friendly derbies a year, the first at Goodison Park, and the second at Anfield.
Ideally, there are six Friendly Derbies in a year, one at Goodison Park, one at Anfield, three at Wembley (League Cup Final, FA Cup Final, Community Shield), and one at a neutral location (Champions League Final).

We're all scousers at the friendly derby. Let's have a drink together.

The friendly atmosphere between supporters rarely extends onto the pitch at the Friendly Derby. Since the inception of the Premier League, it has seen more red cards than any other game.

The FA is stupid to separate scousers at the friendly derby. Unless they are concerned we'll all riot together against their anti-Liverpudlian bigotry.
by Stargoat October 02, 2012
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