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When you and your friend are talking, conversating, or just haning out; and they do something controversial or just plain a dickhead move, you can put them on a friend timeout. Just like in basketball, T them up and call a friend timeout. when you call a friend timeout you must designate the time period for which you will not be friends. This can either be like a funny haha 1 min friend timeout, or a wow u really pissed me off 4 hour friend timeout. The length of the friend timeout is really up to you, and when you call it. In this time alloted, anything goes. You are not friends at this point so really the point is to be a complete jackass to this person for the next however minutes or even days. Becare of the severity of the friend timeout, you really don't want to lose any friends over it, it's more of a joke.
While me and my roomates were sitting at our apartment one of my roomates dog started to hump me. I started to bump him off of me but my friend said just let him finish, and tried to pull out the friend card on me. That is completely unacceptable so I put him on a friend timeout. I T-ed him up and told him we weren't friends for the next 20 minutes, where I was basicallhy a dick to him the whole time.
by dbrock September 25, 2010
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