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'Fribb' is a word that is commonly used to describe people that are annoying or just people that fail at life.

It is derived from the Icelandic word 'Fribbi'
Fribbi is a word created by a man whose name does not matter as he wanted a new word for people that annoyed him, he used to say "These people are so far beyond annoying that I'm going to have to make up a whole new word for it!"
Or in Icelandic he would say "Þettalk er svo langt frá því að vera pirrandi að ég þarf að finna upp á nýu orði!"
And thus the word 'Fribbi' was created, and was later translated to English as 'Fribb'
That damn government, they're nothing but a bunch of fribb's!
by Heimski Hannes May 28, 2011
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