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A way of walking most high school and college freshman learn during orientation week to get to their classes as fast as possible without a class or test being missed. This method of walking up steps includes taking one step over two stairs. This walk up the steps makes your time twice as short and your legs twice as muscular while still getting to class on time (close enough at least). This way of walking up stairs also is learned when not knowing the campus well, creating stress on this freshman, pressuring them into an east coast mentality when it comes to getting to class. This condition is mostly worn off by the summer of the freshman's first year, for they finally know the campus well enough to not freak out.
On the stairs to the college library;

Sophmore; Hey, what the hell man!

Freshman; Sorry, bro!

(turns to his friend) Sophmore; Dude, what the hell was that guy's rush?

Friend; Oh don't worry about him. He just learned the Freshman Two Step.
by TheVintageguy May 22, 2013
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