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"Freshie" (typically used around the towns of Darlington, Durham, Middlesborough and many other towns of the North East) to describe a younger female by males. The term "freshie" usually is associated with girls that are "fresh" "clean" and "virgins" however, in many cases this is used sarcastically as the 14-year-old girls have already had intercourse numerous times.

"Freshie hunter" is the name given to a male (usually between the ages of 15-21) that "hunts" freshies (a freshie MUST be atleast 2 years younger than the male) and sees them as his prey. By this, I mean fucking the shit out of this young girl and using her. There are also the "freshie hunters" that simply like the girl they are talking to (usually over social networking sites like Facebook) and they just happen to be a couple of years younger (or more) Freshie Hunters are usually popular with these hormonal teenage girls, as the hunters make them feel 'special' 'loved' and 'wanted' many things most girls want...until they found out their supposed crush shags her best friend.
Freshie: 13 year old Gemma - in year 9.
Freshie hunter: 16 year old Rob - in year 11.

*Gemma talking to her friends* "OMG! OMG! Guess who I've been talking to? You know fit rob from year 11? We were chatting for hours last night on facebook! He said I was pretty and that he wanted to get to know me!" *looks at phone* "OMG HE JUST LIKED MY PROFILE PICTURE!"

*Rob talking to his friends* "Last night I was talking to 8 freshies at a time! but i started on a new one, you know that freshie Gemma? That slutty one? She was giving me it dirty last night. I'm so in man, just you watch, we'll be fucking next week."
by louise12345654321 May 11, 2011
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