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When dancers form a circle around one (sometimes 2, rarely more) freestyler. Those in the circle can clap/rap/bob to the music but are really there as audience. The solo freestyler steps out when finished and the next dancer takes centre. Its possible to "bring someone in" when you are in centre, which is when you physically lift or lead someone from the circle (usually a girl) into the centre and dance together. There are many rules of a freestyler's etiquette which I cba to go into, but just go to any hot freestyle circle and you'll see. Dance style is contemporary - anything goes but mainly hip-hop/street styles. Music can again be anything but is often hiphop/rap/pop. Freestyle circles are usually on the street or in parks and it's really cool when they are spontaneous but they can be planned. The best ones are in London.
Person1: Dude a few of us are gonna start a Freestyle Circle on Satu in the park, you wanna join? Person2: Sure I just learnt this really cool new move - I can spin on my head - so I'll be there
by Caroline 104 January 16, 2011
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