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A variation of first-person shooter troll which abides by two or more the following behaviors:

1. Constantly jumps up and down, even while in combat or while capturing an objective. In Halo: Reach, this is accomplished using a jetpack.

2. Screams anti-communist sentiments and mutilated scraps of William Wallace's speech from Braveheart into his or her microphone at each juncture at which he or she interacts with online players in-game. Favored catchlines: "For Free-dome!" "They may never take... OUR FREEDOM!" "Gah! Your blood's the color of COMMUNISM!"

3. Is unquestionably the lest productive member of his or her respective team.
God Dammit! Why does this asshole keep jumping up and down? It's making it so frickin' hard to get a headshot. Damn Freedom Frog!
by Satanical Suave April 11, 2011
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