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Japanese people who wish they were born in US and always try to use English words irrelevantly. The exact opposite of weeaboo.
There are so many freeaboo in Japan, desu.
by MustachesWereMeantToDie June 06, 2014
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Pronounced Free-Ah-Boo is a person usually from the United Kingdom who is obsessed with the USA.

Just like a Weeaboo is obsessed with Japan and a Teaboo is obsessed with the United Kingdom, the Freeaboo acts, talk and dresses like an American when they are not from there.

They usually are fans of American sports such as NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB, love eating American food and Candy, use American terms and words in sentences, collect American merchandise such as the Stars and Stripes flag on products and wish they were born in the USA
Frank: Hey Pete stays up on Sunday night watching the NFL and he says our British Football sucks

Mike: That's nothing Frank, he has the Stars and Stripes bedding, has lots of American sports gear and uses American terms for things. Just yesterday he said he wanted to buy a " soda " from the vending machine and he wishes he was born in the USA.

Frank: Pete is such a Freeaboo.....he bums America too much
by Ron-Magnifico February 29, 2016
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