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When something goes horribly wrong for an individual amongst his family or group of friends – typically following an act of betrayal or unforgiveable poor judgment – and that person becomes an outcast. Although unloved and unwanted, the person is still allowed to hang around because of his previous relationship to those wronged. Adapted from the Fredo character in the Godfather movies.

Unfortunately, history has proven there is no way to tactfully make the outcast depart. Fredo Corleone was shot in the back while fishing in The Godfather Part II, a particularly cruel yet fair conclusion to any Fredo Scenario.
Will: “I just heard that Sam told our wives we went to the strip club, even though he decided to wait in the car. It’s not going to be fun tonight when we get home.”

Jack: “That bastard…I’m finished with Sam. He has become a living example of The Fredo Scenario.”

Will: "I wish we had a fishing boat."
by Louisiana Gold February 26, 2009
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