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A strip mall with a thyroid problem which used to be a nice, quiet place to live, but has since been given over to rich, fat, slow, obnoxious, traffic killing tourists from Austin and San Antonio and their squalling, equally fat, and obnoxious brats at the expense of the overworked and underpaid citizenry who, thanks to the influx of social security parasites who have driven up the cost of living like the leeches they are, can barely afford to live and raise a family. There is virtually no other industry apart from tourism, no other means of bolstering the economy, and thus, no opportunity for the young people of Fredericksburg who, realizing this, leave and never return. In droves.
This has been done deliberately by the city fathers who saw a cash cow in selling out their town and enjoy the status of being big fish in a small pond.

The day will soon come when they give up their charade of caring about the locals, rename Fredericksburg "Das Mall", and pass an ordinance requiring all of the locals to wear lederhosen and dirndls for the amusement of the turistas.
"So, where ya from?"

"Fredericksburg, Texas."

"You mean the German town with all the antique stores? Oh yeah, my wife and I love that place! We're going to retire there!"

"Eat a dick."
by Crotalus May 05, 2012
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