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Fred Burkle(played by Amy Acker),short for Winifred Burkle, became a member of the Angel gang when in Pylea Angel his gang came across her.They saved her and brought her back to her world that she had been take from five years ago(as of then).Then she was a member of Angel Investigations until Lilah Morgan said that The Senior Partners wanted them to take over Wolfram and Harts(an evil lawfirm,though Angel made it a good lawfirm) L.A. Branch.At Wolfram and Hart,Fred became head of the science dep.There,she got delivered a tomb that made her sick and hollowed her out to make a before-time god,Illyria.
Fred Burkle was in Pylea for five years.

Fred Burkle is a science geek.

Fred Burke became Illyria.
by an-angel-fan August 08, 2005
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