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this type of boner occurs because a girl you brought back to your room turns out to be much freakier in the sheets than you had originally thought she would be. This can be a good thing or a scary bondage scars your mind type thing. Either way you generally regret some of the things you do with a girl while you had a freaky boner.
Guy 1: Dude, last night that girl was a total freak in the sheets

Guy 2: really!

Guy 1: Yeah, but I got a little too much of a freaky boner and may have done some things I regret.

Guy 2: What do you mean.

Guy 1: Well I probably shouldn't have smacked her ass while she was on the way out...

Guy 2: Woah.

Guy 1: And I think I also regret taking a shit on her chest and making her eat it...

Guy 2: Holy shit man, that's fucked up...

Guy 1: She was really into it though. Well, that's a freaky boner for you.
by john crowe ransom September 08, 2011
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