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1) When you do something taking an absurd amount of effort and end up with little or no reward.

2) When a guy stands you up for the latest floozy in a miniskirt.

3) A humorous expletive used as an interjection in either of the above or similar cases.
(Boy:) I know we made plans to go hiking a couple weeks ago, but I just met someone special and I don't get to see her much - I'm gonna spend the day with her instead. I hope you understand.

(Girl:) Oh, it's alright, I understand. (Subtext: of course I understand you idiot, she's like a 34 DD with legs half a mile long. Jerk.)

((Out of earshot of said boy)) Freakin' Cupcakes! Again?!? Man, this happened to me not two weeks ago!
by 1point618 September 01, 2010
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