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Orgasm brought on by the pure glory of The Fray's music.
Usually occurs at concerts, but can also occur in the car, in school, wherever you happen to hear The Fray's music, or simply just have it in your head. Sometimes can be caused by simply thinking about The Fray. Usually results in an ear-splitting, mirror shattering replication of the song in your head/on the radio/in the ipod. Most often caused by the songs Over My Head (Cable Car), How To Save A Life, and You Found Me. Cannot be prevented. Caution: Someone experiencing a Fraygasm may begin to foam at the mouth like a rabid animal. Do NOT under and circumstance try to prevent/intercede a Fraygasm, for this may result in loss of limb.
Lauren: Ready to go see The Fray !!!?!??!?!??!????!?!!!
Melissa: I am going to have constant Fraygasms at the concert.
Lauren: Why ??
Melissa: Isaac's voice is angelic. Dave's guitar playing is majestic. Ben's drum playing is god-like, and Joe's everything is the SEX ! ! ! ....and Mystery is just bomb.
Lauren: Who's mystery?
Melissa: The random man playing bass in the background of course !!!
Lauren: Wow ! Thank you for enlightening me on this matter ! I now understand fully why one would have a Fraygasm
Melissa:OMGGGGGGG *Fraygasm*
by imadethis May 07, 2009
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