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The study of all things fratty. This would include, but not limited to, insight into fratty music,fratty wardrobe, game day preperations, formals, frat water, hazing, golf, hating GDI's, and all other things fratty. The field of Fratology is explored and extensively researched by frat daddies across the country hoping to combat douchebaggery throughout the world and continue to exude increasingly higher levels of fratmosphere. The study of fratalogy does not end when one fraternity member graduates from his respectable institution as true frat daddies continue researching fratology all of their lives.
Based off of the Holister T-Shirts, the spiky hair with the frosted tips, the Linkin Park Jaming from the stereo, and the Shmirnoff Ices being consumed, it was obvious that no one in the room practiced or studied fratology.
by Fratty McFratstein May 22, 2008
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