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A fratcop is a human stuck in the transformation from a normal human being (ranging from the age of 16-25) to a police officer with no soul. A fratcop will typically known to enjoy frat parties while also proclaiming his love for law and order. A fratcop will often find bitches that are completely insane, a fratcop will get very drunk and fall on its face in the street..A fratcop is able to withstand 5x the amount of alcohol as the average fratboy or cop...It is a scientific fact that a fratcop can out drink a fratboy and a cop in the same night, then fuck both of their bitches half to death. A normal fratcop has 198 HP and can deliver 198kilatons of testicular cancer and holds +900 resistance to cops and their authority.
"Holy shit! That fratcop just drank all that cop's liquor, then fuck his wife!"

"Holy shit! That fratcop just drank all that fratboy's liquor, then fucked their bitches!"

"Holy shit! That fratcop just arrested my bowl, and sentenced it to be smoked, by the fratcop! Then he fucked my bitches!"
by MuffMurda March 22, 2012
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