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A boy/man who is the epitome of all things frat. He enjoys heavy drinking and the occasional unprovoked brawl but also has the ability to keep his composure. He loves his frat bros and never rolls out at night without a least a couple in his entourage. May be still active in a fraternity or long out of college. He is proud to call himself by the name frat dawg and encourages others to do as well. Frequently uses abbreviations. Often speaks in the third person.
"Frat dawg beat the shit out of that guy last night. I heard that all the dude did was look at him for one second too long..."
by wagerbomb June 28, 2014
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n. A fratastic guy who is envied by everyone else for being popular and having lots of sex.
Dude, that frat dawg is the coolest kid ever. I wish I could be in a fraternity too.
by FratasticFuckStick September 22, 2003
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