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The Dopest Most Illest Nigga on planet earth. He gives no fucks. Nay, he gives negative fucks. A Franzo Is free spirited, loves to partay and turn that shit the fuck up, down to earth and high as a kite. A Franzo is a master cocksman, and total Ben. He is the master of the universe. He thinks deep and is philosophical. He is a muthafuckin gangster. Chicks fully dig him. His steez is is the likes of which the world has never seen before. To be called a Franzo is the ultimate compliment a person can receive. When dopeness has gone beyond words, you are a Franzo.

This can be shortened to Fran, Franie, or Franz, Mr. Miagi, or Ultimate Pimp Master Fran (Praise be Unto Him).
Damn Franzo, you get so many hoes, damn my nigga... and you stack so much money... this shit is ridiculous.
by Dr. David Jackson of Harvard October 28, 2013
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