Mr Frantz is the man. He’s making a rap video and he is very cool therefore respected. Frantz is shown as a mean man ‘get back to work’ but is a nice guy. ‘lets make a rap video’ and ‘I’ve never played cards in my life, I swear to god’. Mr Frantz is compassionate to sticky beans and coconut rice. Mr Frantz loves maths, and wishes to return to university to learn my maths.
Oh Jeez, It's Mr Frantz
'Tell me the Joke'
by Sqwodwird August 22, 2018
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Mr Frantz is a social studies teacher. He loves teaching about the past, drinking coffee, telling jokes, but most of all he loves the Constitution!
I love having second period with Mr Frantz!
by 2nd_period_student February 8, 2019
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A great psychiatrist of the post WW2 era. Frantz Fanon was perhaps the most influential decolonialist philosopher of the 20th century. A highly trained psychiatrist, Fanon was also a revolutionary soldier fighting the Nazis in WW2. He doubled his efforts towards the Algerian revolutionaries fighting French barbarity in the post war period.

Fanon however will always be best known for his papers on existential deconstructionism, essentialized notions of racism and his perspectives of a black man in the west.
Frantz Fanon was a renowned philosopher, soldier and revolutionary. Despite dying at the tender age of 36, Fanon has left enough decolonialist articles to last a critically thinking student a lifetime to ponder.
by franz fanon January 14, 2008
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A man from a small town in illinois, who spends time with everyone except his family. His accent is halfway between a stoner and a fake Texan. His catch phrases include:

“here’s my pitch”, &
“what’s up Maaaaaan

Nate has a weird fascination with the letter D, because all his kids and animals start with the letter D. This compensates the fact that he doesn’t have a penis.
by onudude429 February 2, 2021
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Jordan Frantz is the hottest man i've ever seen. I hate his girlfriend so much and want to steal him, I want to kidnap him and have him for myself, he is so sexy, I think about him all day.
Jordan Frantz is sexy
by Jordyn edwards May 8, 2022
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A fat, black, and ugly person who enjoys to eat debbie cakes and has a guy named Jamal to suck on his bellybutton for a debbie cake
Frantz is fat
by ZaAsianCh!nk September 9, 2021
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