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Franticy (soft "c"); 2010, A. Pierce: The state of frantically making up limiting stories (one could call them fantasies) that serve the separation story of fear and chaos rather than the unity story of Oneness.

From my blog post: "Franticy has been my sidekick for many, many moons. If it’s true that peace has been declared, then franticy has been transmuted, has been burned away."

To live in franticy is to create many too-small stories that lead to unnecessary suffering and keep us from embracing the Ultimate Reality, which is Oneness. Franticy, then, is a result of our rootedness in the mass consciousness belief in separation rather than unity.
I choose to live more in the realm of peace, of universal love than in the realm of β€œfranticy.”
by InSpiritualWonder November 30, 2010
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