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Franklin Girl is the term used to define a soft, afraid, and unexperienced young female. These 'Franklin Girls' talk the talk (i.e. = FranklinGirl#1: "OMG I can't wait to get drunk!"), but they do not walk the walk (i.e. = FranklinGirl#1: "Oh, we didn't get drunk."). They do not do any of the following: Drink, have sex, have a real relationship, smoke, skip, break the law, swear, sneak out, talk to boys, the list goes on. An ideal Friday night for these girls is a sleepover, BUT, at this sleepover they decide to be rebellious and have orange juice... WITH VODKA!!! Stay away from these girls. They have nice personalities, but they aren't what you would call... "FUN".
Brendan: "Yo I got so much booze for this nice chick, she says she's sneakin out tonight!"

Jake: "Dude, she's a Franklin Girl. It won't happen."


Brendan: "It didn't happen."
by RazorBurn August 29, 2010
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