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Franklin Decathlon is one of the of the many competing schools in the L.A district that competes in a variety of 10 subjects and absolutely kicks ass in every one of them.

Located in Highland Park, the Franklin Decathlon team has began such craze in the high school that they are now referred to as "DA SHIT" even though they prefer the students bow down to their intellectual badassery instead.

In 2010, the team made it to the first time in school history to the State Competition in Sacramento and though they finished 27th place and did not win, they assure everyone, "you can't have your cake and eat it too".

Franklin Decathlon is the most dedicated team to ever come out Franklin High School and will continue to be a legacy for years to come.
Franklin Decathlon aren't a bunch of nerds! We're just intellectually badass!
by badassery August 16, 2010
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