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Breasts that have been surgically enlarged unnecessarily for purely selfish, vain, reasons -an act most men find to be very misleading and dishonest, an act that totally ruins a breast in the minds of men, because the wonderful shape and feel of a natural breast of any natural size and shape, is one of lifes sweet wonders, a botched boob job: "the scar tissue around the areola and the unusually curved bumps on her chest made me want to heave"
Seen on many C D and lower grade Celebrities, desperately trying to reverse the ravages of father time, sadly becoming more and more prevalent in more and more communites, Most porn stars and real estate agents in and around major capitol cities see them as an investment giving scant regard as to the long term consequences See Dolly Parton, See Dolly Buster" Will you look at the frankentits on that Stripper! you can see all the scars! Aaaaaaaargh!"
by Bosombuddy June 01, 2006
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An oddly shaped breast or abnormal scars from a boob job
Yo you see melissa flash at the party last night? I told you that was a clowned up boob job! Thats what you call Franken tits
by Big ol' red February 01, 2007
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