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Frankenstein Feet,or “FF”, is a term used to describe one's feet when they have fallen asleep causing one to walk as if they were Frankenstein.A common way to get “FF” is by using the restroom with a smart phone.A person may get on their smart phone by texting, playing games,Tweeting,Facebook stalking,or watching videos on YouTube.While participating in one of these activities,one will almost always lose track of time,causing circulation to the feet to be cut off.The feet then become lifeless.When the person tries to stand,they may notice it damn near impossible to stand or walk.This can prove to be an obstacle when trying to wipe one's ass.The person may have to use objects to help themselves achieve this goal such as leaning against the bathroom wall or counter.One must not only worry about wiping their ass,but also worry about walking to the sink and out of the restroom.Many will find this task unattainable b/c of their condition.Many will notice that to walk to the sink,they have to take slow,short steps.They will start to think to themselves that they are walking the way Frankenstein would.One may think that they are indeed Frankenstein and proceed to make groining noises while walking.It is only suggested that one makes these noises in their own home,as doing this in public will only cause humiliation.Almost all people will try and walk it off,but many will walk out of the bathroom and immediately lay on their floor and wait for the feeling in their feet to come back.
"I wouldn't have been late to the chess tournament if I wouldn't have gotten Frankenstein Feet in the bathroom."

"Dude, I just got Frankenstein Feet so bad, I had to lean up against the wall to wipe my ass then army crawl from the bathroom to the living room so I didn't look like an idiot."

"I just had the worst case of Frankenstein Feet ever, I sat down and before I knew it 30 minutes had passed and when I stood up I almost fell right back down on the shitter."

Girl 1: "I think Susie may be having problems in the ladies room."
Girl 2: "Why would you think that?"
Girl 1: "Well... she's been in there for almost a half an hour and after I heard the toilet flush I heard her making what sounded like low groining noises before she started washing her hands."
Girl 2:" Oh its alright, she probably just got a case of Frankenstein Feet after being in there so long."
by Whaddup Boosh April 03, 2012
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