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1. A SFW (suitable for work) term used (usually in frustration) to describe a woman who is: strong, independent, intelligent (and) attractive; who stands up for herself and voices her opinion, even if it's not what the males in the room want to hear. (aka: F*cking B*tch)

2. Man made B*tch. A formerly sweet, fun, happy girl who used to enjoy the company of men, but would now rather hang with women because she's been targeted by douchebaggery for far too long. As a result, she's either jumped the fence, or become a female version of a douche herself.
1. Joe: That FrankenBetty won't shut the f*ck up. She's so annoying. If she keeps running her mouth off, my wife is going to find out about my extracurricular activities.

2. Joe: I dunno man, that girl looks a little used up, a real FrankenBetty if you ask me. I doubt you'll get her number.
by literalgrrl December 01, 2011
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