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1) When someone cuts a gnarly fart on the basketball court.

2) The gaseous version of a flagrant foul.

1) The guys were shooting some hoops when someone committed a fragrant foul. It took less than two minutes for the gym to clear out.

2) Kobe jacked up LeBron's game by committing a fragrant foul every time he was in LeBron's vicinity.
by tsauce2010 March 07, 2010
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fragrant foul / 1 : / Offensive use of any smelling perfume or cologne. 2 : / To douse oneself heavily with perfume or cologne. 3 : / perfume or cologne used as a foul odor cover up
Executive (to partner): "Geez what a fragrant foul, I can barely breath in this elevator with you."

Partner : "It's Ralph Lauren. Trina told me she liked how it smell on me, I guess I got carried away."
by taralist September 17, 2013
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