This is a term used to describe a man who has a fragile sense of masculinity for whatever reason. It can be used for someone who tries too hard to fit the male stereotypes in fear of looking too feminine in front of society.
Jim: I wouldn't dare wear tight jeans, im scared that someone might think im gay.

Jordan: Dude, stop having such fragile masculinity and get over it. It doesnt matter how tight your jeans are, all that matters is how comfortable you are in them. Stop giving a shit about how 'manly' people think you are. Define 'manliness' through what you do, not through society's mindset.
by I cantbebothered June 14, 2018
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A condition of masculinity on the mental health spectrum in which those who suffer from it vehemently deny they have it or that it even exists, but none the less use it to shame those who recognize it in themselves and others. It is outwardly manifested by indulging in the urge to tell women & girls what they can & can't do.
So many Chief Justices of the past & present suffer from Fragile-Masculinity.
by Dr. Gumbo February 14, 2019
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