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Pronounced frayd-ee-an-ity
A unique and modernistic religion that is just beginning to catch the attention of many young people, mainly around the Stirling area.
Fradianity has no Holy Book, because BIBLES ARE FOR LOSERS!
But there are The Three Commandments that all followers must abide by:
1 Love and worship all that is Eminem
2 Attend meetings on Saturdays, the new and improved day of rest/alcohol. Like attending church, but a lot less gay.
3 Be completely awesome
Failure to obey such commandments will result in followers being withdrawn from the Fradian community, which automatically lowers their cool points.
Fradianity was founded in November of 2010 by two amazing human beings called Fraser and Jade, who then decided to combine both of their equally incredible names to create an even more incredibe name for this brand new worldwide phenomenon - Fradianity.
Did you hear about that new religion that everyone at school has been following? It's called Fradianity. Sounds pretty cool, think I might attend the Fradian meeting on Saturday with all the other Fradians.
by renoclafedaj November 12, 2010
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