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A term used for someone who resides in Foxrock, Co.Dublin, Ireland.

Also used to describe a female who attends Loreto College, Foxrock. It's a fee paying Catholic Secondary School under the direction of the Sisters of Loreto in Dublin, Ireland. Foxrockians have not one, but two astroturf all-weather pitches in their school. For those who can afford a private education, they will constantly remind the rest of the world that they are in fact a superior race. They typically remind you of oompa loompas. Although the characters in Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory are more attractive. With messy hair and poo like uniforms, these girls choose to use instant fake tan and pile layers of make up that's 5 tones too dark for their skin on top of it. Their hideous apperance matches their personality, with each having no soul or remorse to any other human being. They all think that their rudeness is sophistication. They all have their own vocabulary, not being able to pronounce words without sounding like an uptight snob. Typcial weekends consisting of under age drinking outside the disco Wesley and forgetting to wash the dirty fake tan they collected on their skin during the previous week. And so the cycle begins.
Example 1 - Man, I totally want to have sex with that girl.

-Dude, that girls a Foxrockian, she'd have sex with anything.

Example 2 - Mom, Why can't I go to foxrock?

- Honey, that's a school for tramps.
by cuntlovinglesbo February 07, 2011
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